When doing public affairs in Brazil,

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30 years of high standards of ethics and integrity in bringing government and private enterprise together

What we do

We take a public affairs perspective to engaging in government relations and public policy, supplying information, providing operational support and training clients to advocate in a lawful, skillful and effective manner.

We work to strengthen your business by identifying opportunities and risks through active and ongoing efforts to engage with stakeholders in the government and civil society throughout the entirety of the public policy process.

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About us

PATRI, Brazil's market leader in providing public affairs services, was founded in 1986 during the country's redemocratization period, following 21 years of military rule. Its establishment and the evolution of our work have gone hand in hand with the process of building democracy and rule of law in Brazil.

With over 30 years of experience in Brazil (with offices in Brasília, DF and São Paulo, SP) and a presence of more than 20 years in Washington, DC (USA), PATRI has extensive knowledge about the process of formulating public policy in Brazil's complex business environment.

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Established by PATRI, Dicas de Políticas Públicas is a free online database updated daily with contacts for the leading federal, state and local authorities in addition to representatives of organized civil society, the diplomatic corps and international agencies with a presence in Brazil. VISIT Dicas @ Google Play


Educational space for professional training through activities in the public policy arena. We use the space to organize workshops, on-site classes and tours in Brasília.

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